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What is the Best DJ Software for your Laptop

Not everyone is software or a technology person, so you can’t expect everyone to have that knowledge when needed. A writer might write a lot on a laptop, but he might not know all about the software. Likewise, a DJ might be a great DJ but might still need guidance on what is the best DJ software to use. That is where posts like this help. So here are the top 5 choices for DJ software:

Native Instruments TRAKTOR Pro

This software is user-friendly and affordable too. It is good for both novices and the professionals. Its browser layout is simple and has the usual file formats of mp3, WAV, and FLAC. Its music management is good, and the mixer is conventionally placed. Basically it is a good option and provides the needed flexibility for a DJ to experiment on it.

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Serato DJ                                                         

This comes from New Zealand gives kind of an old feel to the DJ, not saying that it does not live up to the standards of the modern use. It has one of the best looks in the industry with its sleek dark colored design to it. It is mainly known for its stability. For a novice, this is a fun way to start and get acquainted with the world of DJ-ing. Experienced DJs would certainly opt to use something more advanced should they be DJing at important events.

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Ableton Live

This is not a traditional kind of DJ software but more suited to live performances. It is a programmer friendly software and very user-friendly. It is just a different way of mixing the music in comparison to the other DJ software. Its pads, knobs, and controllers just provide complexity to it. It is mainly recommended for those who want to take a break from the traditional systems and try something new.