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Understanding the 3-factor authentication in accessing systems

The safety and security of almost anything must not be taken lightly. This is not always depending on what is on the other side of the door, but also because you need that mental peace of mind; the peace of knowing that you are safe. This is the reason why most of the safety and security-based companies in the world are advancing their technologies as we speak. Because although you may assume that people want to make money in a fair way like you do, most don’t. Is it only about theft? Absolutely not.

There are far worse cases that are more advanced forms of theft that happens within the company itself. In fact, almost all the cases of sensitive information being leaked out from a company has happened due to the poor control of access. Technically speaking, there are too many occasions where having disregarded the safety and security of a building has been the only mistake that a company made, that brought an everlasting doom. So, what does 3-factor authentication really does here?

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What is meant by the 2-factor authentication can simply be explained like this. It is granting the access to whatever the thing that is being protected, based on 2 factors, as the words mean in the surface meaning. Usually, this is a series of numbers, or a numerical code if you may, followed by a security card being swiped by. However, the risk of this being recreated is the problem that was being taken advantage by the thieves and rogue employees for a long time. This was changes with the introduction of the 3rd factors; the biometrical characteristics.

The beauty of the human being is that, there are some biological features that are simply unique to one person and one person only. The two of the most well known such features are the fingerprints and the iris. With the advancement of the technology in the world, these features are now being used to grant access as the third factor in a 3-factor authentication system. This is it! The card, the code and you yourself as the third. This is the best technology based on the types of Cloud Based Access Control Systems.

How you can save money hiring IT support rather than hiring internally

The next practical problem that you will ask is whether this is realistically affordable. Sure, it is! After all, it is 2020. It doesn’t matter whether this was the HQ of your business, the main warehouse, a hospital, a military headquarters and this list goes on… all these places can use a technology like this to ensure that people remain in the areas that they are supposed to be at.

There was a time in history when this technology was being tested, that the systems necessarily needed to be operated on-site. Thanks to the development of the cloud-technology, even that problem is being sorted now. Without the capital cost, the tedious nuisance of having to manage it and even the expansion restrictions no longer exists. Hence, if it is the best security that you are looking for, this is pretty much all you need!