How to Create Well-Lit Rooms at Home or Office

Tired of living in a dark house with dingy rooms? You can make your home appear more spacious and aesthetically pleasing by designing properly illuminated rooms. Here are several tips from Cactus Computers for designing wonderfully lit rooms at your home:

Use Lighting According to Room Function

The best interior decorators include lighting in rooms according to the function of the room. For example, the kitchen should be well lit during daytime and at night. But the bedroom doesn’t require bright lights. You may want a well-lit living room, but the bathrooms may not require huge lights. Likewise, before you choose your lighting, consider the function of the room. Then you can add the right amount of layers of lighting and brightness.

Install Large Windows

When most homeowners think about lighting, it usually refers to using artificial lights in the room. But well-lit rooms are bright and sunny even during daytime. Obviously, you definitely don’t want to have to turn on the lights when there’s sunlight outside. To keep rooms bright during daytime, consider installing large Windows.

Small windows may prevent rooms from getting adequate amounts of light. But large and well placed windows can prevent this problems. Not only windows, you can substitute glass for sliding doors to get more light. You can choose products from professional retailers like MCG Windows to ensure the glass lasts long.

Plan on Adding Layers of Light

Think the secret to a well-lit room is a massive overhead light? Think again. Overhead lights create shadows. And in places like the kitchen, overhead lights don’t reach anywhere because of furniture like the cabinets. The secret to keeping a room bright when there’s no sunlight is to add layers of light. This refers to adding task lights and accent lights using lamps and bulb fixtures in addition to overhead light. Layers of light can keep rooms lit efficiently for the convenience of those using the room.

Choose the Right Bulb

Buying the right types of bulbs is one of the most crucial aspects of adding layers of light to a room. There are two main things home owners must consider when purchasing a bulb: brightness and energy efficiency. Choose LED or green rated bulbs to ensure energy efficiency. The illumination of the bulbs should vary depending on which layer of light you are adding. You may want a bright light for some rooms. But for others, like your bedroom, buy a bulb that emanates a warm light without fatiguing the eyes.

Use Accent Lights to Highlight and Decorate

Accent lights often highlight an area of the house. For example, you can use accent lights to illuminate nooks of the home. You can also use accent lights to bring attention to objects in a room in a very decorative manner. Accent lights usually use smaller, low-watt bulbs. Therefore, you won’t waste energy with it. You can certainly change the overall look of a room easily with accent lighting.

A well-lit home is a happy home. Use the above tips wisely and create better lighting in your home.