Celebrating Your Baby’s 1st Birthday in Style

A birthday in the family is always an exciting event no matter how old you get. And if it is a child’s first birthday, the excitement is much more as it is a special milestone not only in the child’s life but also in the lives of everyone around him/her including but not limited to the immediate family.

Therefore, most of us like to celebrate the 1st birthdays of our babies in style and preserve the memories forever.

If you are planning a 1st birthday here are a few things you should keep in mind to make the event more memorable to everyone who is present for the occasion.

Picking the Right Time of Day Is Vital

Your baby may not be sleeping as much as they used when they were smaller but there may still be times when he/she is a bit cranky. Although you cannot predict this, you would surely know whether the baby tends to be crankier in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. Thus, it is important to avoid this time period when planning the party. The guests will all want to cuddle and squeeze the child and he/she should be in a good mood to tolerate all the attention.

Do Not Forget To Hire a Photographer

You need a professional photographer to capture the sane moments and most important ones. So make sure you choose someone who has experience dealing with babies so that he/she will know how to capture the most precious moments of the event without tiring the baby.

Pick an Adorable Theme

By the time a baby is one year old, he/she would have developed certain likes. There may be a favourite colour, a cartoon character, an animal or animals, etc. Obviously, the little one will not be able to tell you what the preferred theme is but you can guess it from observing him/her. They may even be able to show you which theme they like the best if you give them a set of options.

No matter what you choose, with or without the help of your baby, make sure it is adorable and suits a baby’s party.

The Guests Should Have Something to Do

Entertainment in the form of loud music and dancing is not the best idea for a one-year-olds’ party and not everyone can cuddle and squeeze the baby at the same time. Therefore, you need to find some form of activity that would keep the guests entertained while keeping your baby the centre of attention.

One of the best options would be photo booth hire Melbourne as the props and backdrops will give the guests a chance to enjoy themselves with or without the birthday boy/girl. And this will also give a chance for the attendees to strengthen their bonds while bringing out a crazier side of them. Moreover, you will have a lot of great memories of your family and friends who are in attendance which a professional photographer may not have been able to cover.

If you are inviting other kids who are older, you may want something like a bouncy castle to keep them entertained without causing too much fuss disturbing the baby. As you may not have exposed the baby to large crowds before so it is important that everyone does not pounce on the baby at once scaring him/her if you want the party to succeed.

The Smash Cake

In addition to the proper cake the baby will be cutting, get a smash cake. This is a small cake, can be a miniature replica of the proper cake, which will be given to the baby to do whatever he/she likes. The things babies do when they get their hands on the cake will create enough fond memories to last a life time.